Fuel & Water Pump Rebuilding Process

Upon arrival, we do a through inspection of the pump. Measurements and pictures are taken before disassembly to ensure your pump goes back together and fits in your vehicle/equipment correctly. We then disassemble, run it through a two stage washing process, after which the part is dried and glass bead blasted to its original finish. During reassembly we replace soft parts with ethanol fuel compatible materials. Hudson 308 water pump All bushings and shaft components are inspected and replaced or machined as necessary. Fuel pumps are bench tested to ensure proper output. All pumps are primer painted to protect the pump and provide a clean finish for fresh paint.

In the event we find a broken or damaged part on your pump, we have thousands of cores in stock to replace as necessary.

Once your pump is complete, we will contact you to collect payment and ship the pump back.  If you have completed the packing slip with payment information, you will receive an emailed receipt and your pump will ship out immediately.

If you have already received a price quote and are ready to ship out your water pump or fuel pump you can download the packing slip here. Please make sure to fill out this information as accurately and legibly as possible to avoid delays. Please include this slip in the box along with your fuel pump or water pump. It is also recommended that insurance be purchased in the event of lost or damaged goods.

Looking to Sell a Fuel Pump or Water Pump?
We are always interested in purchasing fuel pump and water pump cores. Please feel free to Contact Us and let us know what you have available.

At Arthur Gould Rebuilders
we treat your pump as if it were going onto our own vehicle.

Water and fuel pump rebuilders
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