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Water Pump and Fuel Pump Rebuilding
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Rebuilding Procedure

While rebuilding both water pumps and fuel pumps we are always sure to treat you irreplaceable pump with gentle hands.

Before disassembly, all of the water and fuel pumps are visually assessed for an major issues (housing cracks, etc.) After a preliminary assessment the pumps are disassembled and the process begins!

The water pump housings, fuel pump housings and all necessary hard parts are initially soaked and scrubbed in a cold tank solvent then jet washed clean. Next we glass bead the pumps with a very fine glass bead so that the exterior of the pump and casting numbers are not harmed. After glass beading the pump and all of its parts are checked yet again for reassembly.

After reassembly the water pumps are cleaned of any exterior impurities and painted in a rebuilder’s cast iron gray primer.

The fuel pumps are reassembled and bench tested with a vacuum/pressure gauge to make sure they are functioning to each vehicles individual requirements. After testing the pumps are also cleaned on the exterior and then painted with a low gloss clear coat.

All of our water pump rebuilds and fuel pump rebuilds are covered under our warrantee for one year!